Curriculum Design

Course Type:  instructor-Led training

Purpose: Created a course blueprint which included detailed lesson plans, goals & objectives for each topic along with detailed interactive activities.

Learner Audience:  Young adults (aged 18-24) who are participating in a 21 week workforce training program designed to teach them the necessary business skills needed for their internship assignments with corporate partners.

Platform:  Instructor-led, classroom training

My Role:

  • Revamped existing out-dated course content for Customer Service, Project Management and Introduction to Computer Applications and transformed it into relevant, real-world, bite-sized blocks of learning content that could be absorbed by the learning audience.
  • Developed detailed course outlines for classroom training sessions that served as a guide for the instructor and "train the trainer"
Curriculum _Design_Customer_Service-1.jpg

Customer Service Training

  • Created daily lesson plans on specific topics such as body language, vocal qualities, building rapport, rules for giving effective customer service, service culture and email communication.
  • For each topic developed a learning objective and created game-like interactive activities that encouraged peer-based learning and individual learning
Curriculum Design_Project_Management-1.jpg

Project MAnagement Training

  • Created a mix of PowerPoint training notes and fun interactive activities to teach the project management.
  • Created daily lessons plans that covered project management basics, the 5 phases of project management (initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & controlling, closing), change management and data analysis.
  • Each lesson topic had a specific learning objective aligned with it.