New Skillshare Channel Vision for 2018

I'm excited to announce that I've relaunched my Skillshare channel with a new focus and vision for 2018!

My mission and vision is to inspire you to learn new business skills and creative skills that you can apply to your work, business or just for fun.  

I plan to achieve this by offering 3 "tracks" of classes as follows:

  1. Career Success:  Learn to be a Star at Work! These classes will focus on productivity tools, project management, change management and other business topics.
  2. Tools You Can Use for Creative Business:  These classes will focus on business strategies for the Creative Entrepreneur.
  3. Creative Workshop:  These classes will focus on design and crafting skills to enhance your creative mindset

Currently, I have launched 3 classes with more to come!  Here's what's available now:

Creative Workshop Series: 

Tools You Can Use for Creative Business Series:

Be sure to follow me on Skillshare to be notified when my new classes launch!